About Us


What started out as a dream in 2001 has since turned into a passion, a passion to provide the finest steel and wrought iron décor available. This is our passion.

Steel furniture & décor speaks volumes of one’s personal
taste and is in our opinion one of the greatest examples of opposing forces, brought together by blacksmiths who create something truly unique from this solid material.

With a specific focus on furniture and décor it allows us to give excellent customer service. Because of our hand selected product offering, we stand behind each and every wrought iron and steel product we sell, knowing it is of the highest quality.

We are a family owned business and that’s how we are going to keep it.
As Mel Creations continues to grow, we will create jobs for more and more people who are truly passionate about the work they do. There is nothing more important than quality personal service and advice from people who care about the products they sell.

Renowned for quality and service, products are manufactured on site at Industria and can be custom-designed to meet your every requirement. The steel furniture & décor created by Mel Creations reflects
a style and quality enjoyed by those with good taste and a feel for contemporary living.